Interview with Natasha, model on Office Girls

This is the time of Natasha, model in Office Girls and owner of Addicted To Feet.

What size shoe do you wear?
uk size 4.5

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe, and if so what is it and why?
stiletto – black patent leather with 5 inch spike heel

When you are at home, do you wear slippers? What kind?
yes i do, i wear slippers that have a 2 inch heel with fur across the toe (like mules/slides)

Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and if so what style/brand? Any favourite color?
i wear both pantyhose and stockings nearly every day of my life. my favourite pantyhose are wolford fatal 15′s in black or white my favourite stockings are copper or black fully fashioned cuban heel seamed stockings made of silk

Do you also like to wear socks? And if so, what color do you prefer?
yes i wear socks to the gym, white ankle socks

Are you familiar with foot and/or shoe fetishism, and if so, how were you introduced to it? Ever dated a foot fetishist? What was it like for you?
yes i am, i have my own site in Addicted To Feet – i love high heels and also to be tied up and tickled on my soles, i am married to a foot fetishist, and love giving nylon foot jobs. i adore the attention my feet get.

Do you have a preferred method of having your feet pampered? (e.g. massage, pedicure, oral worship)
oral worhip is good. i like to wear stockings or pantyhose for a full day so they are scented and smelly and have marks off my shoes on them, then slip off my shoes and have a wet tongue all over my soles, heels, and in between my toes.

Are you familar with the term “shoeplay”, and if so do engage in shoeplay when you’re out in public?
yes i like to tease by dangling my spike heels if i am sitting in a restaurant and i can see a guy looking over at my legs and feet, i like guys to see the reinforced area of my stockings on my ankles and heels.

In keeping with the theme of our website, have you ever teased a man under the table with your feet? We’d be particularly interested in hearing about any time you’ve done that when other people are also sitting at the table.
yes, agaim, at restaurants i like to shoe dangle, let my shoe fall off and treat guys to great views of my feet and soles. i have also given a few guys foot jobs under tables in restaurants and once in a nightclub with my pantyhose feet, which results in my feet getting covered in thick cum.

Is there any scene that you remember from a movie or a tv show where there is a woman that uses her feet to seduce a man?
i do not really recall one, although i have seen it many times in porn films where women give footjobs.

What other foot related sexual activities have you tried, if any (e.g. foot worship, pedal pumping, footjobs) and what did you think about that?
because i run my own site, Addicted To Feet, i cover all aspects of foot fetish – squashing food, foot worship, trampling, pedal pumping, shoe dangling, nylon related, bare feet, dirty feet, pissing down my legs and feet, everything….!!!!

Any advice for men who want to reveal their foot fetish to their lover?
go for it, most women are keen to please their man, its great to start something soft and not to perverse, and build the relationship from there, the pleasure will become more intense for both of you.