Brutal Facesitting


If you go crazy for dominant women that needs endless sex and always a submissive partner, Brutal Facesitting is the place for you. If the name isn’t clear enough, you should know that “Facesitting” is when a woman (usually totally naked) sits on her partner face ordering him to lick her pussy or her asshole. This is usually a BDSM activity, with dominant women involved…but on Brutal Facesitting you will also find regular sex scenes with a detail: the woman ALWAYS is in total control of the situation, and will ALWAYS end up having her partner under her pussy or ass.


The first thing you’ll see when you enter Brutal Facesitting, is the list of the most voted scenes. Under that, the classic (and quite long) list of the latest updates. All this makes it very easy to go immediately to the best or newest content: well done.

Each picture set is made of about 100 super high def pictures, and you’ll be able to either watch them one by one, enjoy an hands free slideshow (useful…) or download the whole set in ZIP format.
Videos come in WMV and MP4 (mobile phones compatible) format, both in HD and SD. You can watch them online or download on your computer to watch them later.

It’s worth to notice also that there is a bonus section where you can find videos and photosets coming from other sites of the same network (so of a comparable quality): nice touch.

There is also a page with the models list, with a nice page dedicated to each and everymodel (her bio, all the scenes you can see her in and so on). Another nice touch (even if a bit “90s”) is a Guestbook, that will let you leave a comment about the site so that others can read it.


Browsing Brutal Facesitting is made very easy by a vertical menu always visible, from where you can access all the different sections of the site (pictures, videos, models, guestbook and support). You can joinBrutal Facesitting via credit card in total security and, if you ever have a problem, tech support is available every single day at every hour of the day via phone or e-mail.

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