BBW FaceSitting Mature Milf

FaceSitting Moms

A hot and horny mom facesitting a young boy, a hot mature lady indulging her fetish for facesitting with a younger gentleman: this is what FaceSittingMoms is about, and this is the best site around for this specific (very specific) niche.


Firs of all, take in consideration that we are writing this review when FaceSittingMoms  has been open for not even two months, so a lack of content is totally understandable. That’s the reason why, joining this site, you also get access to TurboMoms, a partner site that has lots and lots of mature women content.

The quality of content is good and very enjoyable, and considering how specific this niche is, we doubt you’ll be able to find a better site out there.

Videos, with an average length of 30 minutes,  come in three versions: streaming, low resolution and HD. Picture sets are made of about 200 pictures each and can be downloaded in a ZIP file or enjoyed online. As stated earlier, you won’t find lots of content at the moment: just a dozen of videos and a dozen of picture sets. The biggest issue is anyway the update frequency: FaceSittingMoms seems to be updated just once every two weeks, really not enough to enjoy being a member for too long.


FaceSittingMoms has a totally basic design. Go to the list of vides or pictures, select the one you want to see, decide to either download it or look at it online…and that’s it. You can’t do much more a part from browsing the site by model (page called “moms” in a very clever idea).


You have just one option to join the site: 24.95 euros per month. You can pay either by credit card or Paypal in a totally secure transaction.

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